As a boy, I spent my long afternoons watching the metal shavings and wood chips fall from my grandfather’s workbench. He was a true master craftsman and artisan of the older school, and inspired me in my love of building that continues to this very day.

After earning a Physics degree from the University of California at Berkeley, I became a founding partner of Solstice Enterprises, Inc., a Bay Area contracting and real estate development firm.

Over years, we have built an exceptional team that operates effortlessly at the point precisely midway between art and science, design and engineering, concept and execution, and our client list includes… rockstars, restaurants, hotels, and CEOs of some of the largest corporations on Earth.

Our affiliated venture Handyman Heroes is a technology start-up currently serving the greater Bay Area, and focused on bringing the same world-class customer experience to a broader, national client base.

I have traveled to 40+ countries, spent some years earning my living as a professional saxophone player, and enjoy spending time in Oahu whenever possible, overseeing the expansion of our business operations in Hawaii  ;-)